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God Loves to Heal the Sick!

We can’t explain exactly how (for the protection of the people) but Luke, me and a few others found ourselves in a place surrounded by people in need. So we all started praying and ministering to people around. The first person I prayed for was a partially blind lady, and after prayer she said she doesn’t think there is a difference, but she wants to know how to pray at home. So I told her to lay her hands on her eyes and tell them to open in Jesus name, she looked very pleased that there was something she could do at home herself.

I then prayed for another woman suffering with chest pain and after the prayer her face lit up with joy and she explained that she felt warmth and peace flood her heart, the pain was gone.

Two of us then prayed for an older woman who had grown completely blind and couldn’t open one of her eyelids. After a few prayers she could lift her eye lid and said she could see the big cross which was some distance away.

We then prayed for a woman with kidney problems and a bandaged twisted ankle. The pain and restriction in her ankle was completely healed and the pain in her kidney was gone after the prayer.

Luke spent a lot of time with a young man who damaged the nerves in his back after an accident leaving him with almost no movement in his legs. The young man was touched by the commitment to see him healed but it was easy to see his heart was lacking hope. So Luke shared about the grace of God with him and said “today was not a coincidence, it is not an accident but we are here according to destiny and so we will keep praying every day until we hear you can walk again”

After this time praying many people there was one more person that was brought to us. A woman who was deaf in one ear. We laid hands on her and commanded the ear to open in Jesus name! We then asked her to cover her good ear and to respond to what the translator was whispering on her bad ear side. This lady could hear again! No matter how many steps back the translator would stand from the lady she could hear everything that was said. Jesus is real and he is still doing miracles through his people today!


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Competition Winners!!!


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Treasure Hunting in Hong Kong


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Competition!!! 1 of 5 Chances to WIN!!!

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LOVED.NEWS Announcement



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Leg grows!

Susan had been dealing with back pain for a number of years, she had been diagnosed with a short leg by the chiropractor and had been living with this discomfort for some time. After seeing several other people healed of the same condition a young 14 year old boy in Freedom Life decided he wanted to pray for her, as he did Susan’s leg grew out to match the other. She stood up pain free, both extremely excited and thanking God for his amazing goodness.

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Broken rib healed

Robyn had been seeing a chiropractor for treatment for a disc problem in her back that resulted in a pinched nerve causing serious pain and impaired movement. During treatment she suffered a broken rib which was confirmed by x-rays complicating matters even more. Doctors explained to her there was nothing that could be done for such a break and it would take 6-8 weeks to heal. Several people gathered around her to pray, the next morning all the pain from her broken rib had gone and by the end of the day her back was completely healed.

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Cyst completely gone!

A young lady came to Freedom Life accompanying her boyfriend unsuspecting of the encounter with the love of God that was about to ambush her. She came in with back pain caused by a car accident 2 weeks earlier that left her struggling to sit or stand with any comfort. During the meeting she mustered her courage and asked for prayer. She was instantly healed! With a huge smile on her face she explained how she had never experienced anything like this. Later that day she decided to give her life to Jesus and is proud to call herself a Christian.

2 Weeks later she walked into Freedom Life on Sunday morning, she again requested prayer this time for a large ovarian cyst that she had been diagnosed with and was busy making arrangements for surgery in the months to come. During the week she went back to the doctors again for scanning and to her amazement the doctors said there is no cyst to be seen!

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Leg restored, back healed!

Today (28th October 2012) at Freedom Life we prayed for Yanis, a man we met at the Conscious Living Expo. In response to Tony’s word of knowledge about back and leg problems he came forward for a miracle. Sure enough, his right leg was 2cm shorter than his left – a noticeable difference. As he stood and he shifted his weight from leg to leg and we could see his head bob as he did so. So we sat him down and commanded the right leg to grow out in Jesus’ name but to no avail. We got him to walk around and come back to see if that changed anything, but it didn’t. After praying again with no results he then explained the situation. Years ago he’d had something wrong with his left leg (I think it was significantly longer than it now was) and surgeons removed his left thigh bone, cut a bit off at each end and also cut it mid-way so they could change the bone length and estimating how long it should be. The leg healed but was 2cm longer than intended and he has lived with the problem since. Nothing had been done to his right leg. Armed with this new knowledge we realised the LEFT leg needed change, not the RIGHT leg. So we commanded it to shrink and be healed, to be set correctly and align in Jesus’ name. Sure enough, over the next minute the leg slid back most of the way – he got up, tested it and felt the difference. There was still 5mm to go so we thanked God for His work and declared 100% healing and it slid back right in line. He walked again and also tested shifting his weight and it was completely normal. He had back pain from it all so we prayed for that a couple of times and it was almost completely gone. After the service I spoke with him for over half an hour and he commented that when standing for that long he would normally notice some back pain but now not so!
On a personal note, I’d heard too many stories about legs grown and never had the chance to pray for it myself, so I was super excited to pray for this guy. Honestly, after praying the second time and nothing happened I thought “something’s not right here, this is supposed to work – even if I’ve never done it before!” and it was amusing how once we’d actually found out what was wrong then we saw results – pays to listen, right?
Praise God for His faithfulness and His mercy and patience. Thank-you Lord for your loving kindness towards everyone and for choosing to partner with us to see Your kingdom come. May we never forget your awesome works and declare Your goodness all of our days.

Written by Simon.

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